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Super prices for Super Bowl

Published: September 17, 2013, 3:09 pm, by Paul Klee

Outside MetLife Stadium on Sunday — in front of Lot A — was a man selling tickets for the Manning Bowl. I asked him how much, and he asked me what I was looking for. Again, I asked how much. Again, he asked what I was looking for.

A ticket price, sir. Just a ticket price.

After this conversation went back-and-forth for longer than necessary, the scalper said he had one ticket for $200. That was his lowest price. I was simply wondering what it would cost to attend a Giants-Broncos game with all the Manning Bowl hullabaloo.

Turns out, $200 would get you in the door.

At least from that guy.

Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium is a different matter. Those tickets are being jacked up to $2,600 for 9,000 premium seats, according to this report by The Associated Press.

In the words of Peyton Manning, “How about that?

That’s double the price for comparable seats at last year’s Super Bowl in New Orleans. Double! The next tier of tickets go for $1,500.

Through two games, the Broncos look like the Super Bowl favorite in the AFC.

Better save up.

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