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Broncos: Trouble on the horizon?

Published: September 9, 2013, 11:23 am, by Paul Klee

What the Broncos did to the Ravens stands as more impressive considering it was done without Champ Bailey or Von Miller.

Champ’s not in practice today here at Dove Valley. But he’ll be back eventually.

Von Miller’s not in practice today. But he’ll be back in Week 7.

How long will Von be in Denver? It’s a reasonable, alarming question.

One, if there’s a next time he violates the NFL’s drug policy, he would face a 16-game suspension. Two, there’s this, a report from Adam Schefter that the Broncos and Miller’s camp are at odds over money.

Feuds over money seldom end well.

Miller’s contract runs through the 2014 season. After that, the Broncos will ante up for a player John Elway has called the most talented he’s ever seen. Or will they?

Packers linebacker Clay Matthews became the NFL’s highest-paid linebacker with a $66-million deal he signed in the spring. Hard to imagine Miller’s deal won’t trump it. And that’s a lot of loot to tie into a player, even one as gifted as Miller, who could miss an entire season with another misstep.

Throw in the current money issue, and it’s safe to say the future of the Broncos-Miller relationship is considerably dicier than, say, two months ago.

I always thought, and wrote, that Miller becomes the face of the franchise the day Peyton Manning retires. It’s fair to wonder if that’s still the case, if the most talented defensive player seen in these parts will stay in these parts after the 2014 season.

A Broncos future without Von Miller? Talk about a bummer.

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