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Broncos: Three out of four ain’t bad

Published: September 6, 2013, 4:25 pm, by Paul Klee

On a historic night for quarterbacking, Peyton Manning didn’t play favorites. All of the primary pass-catchers joined the fun:

—Demaryius Thomas: 5 receptions, 161 yards, two touchdowns.

—Julius Thomas: 5 receptions, 110 yards, two touchdowns.

—Wes Welker: 9 receptions, 67 yards, two touchdowns.

—Eric Decker: 2 receptions, 32 yards.

This leads us back to one of the questions posed during training camp. It was a silly question, really, considering the quarterback at the center of the Broncos offense.

“I was asked earlier, ‘How are you going to keep all these guys happy?”” Broncos coach John Fox told us here at Dove Valley today. “Well, they’re happy when they win. I don’t think they care.”

Decker cared enough to send out this tweet: “Much love to Broncos Country for reppin’ big last night! Big win! Def disappointed in my performance, unacceptable! Watch, learn, flush.”

Hey, if this is a problem on offense — one of the Big Four not meeting the standard of his compadres — the Broncos will take it.

If nothing else, Thursday’s 49-27 shellacking of the Ravens showed that Manning can keep everyone happy.

Maybe not on all nights. But most nights? That’s a safe guess.

“I know if we gave up seven touchdowns,” cornerback Chris Harris said a few minutes ago, “It would be ugly in here.”

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