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NFL season opener: What does it mean?

Published: September 5, 2013, 11:39 am, by Paul Klee

One thing we can count on: There will be great overreaction to the result of tonight’s game.

The team that loses is doomed.

The team that wins is the AFC favorite.

Truth is, both the Broncos and the Ravens will have a say in the AFC playoffs. The Broncos have an easier road and an overwhelming offense, but the Ravens might be the more balanced team.

So when the buzzer sounds and the Flacco Flag comes down, we can look back on recent history to gauge what the final score means.

Here were the season-opening results for the past 10 Super Bowl champions. The eventual champs went 7-3 in their opener:

2012: Ravens — W, 44-13
2011: Giants — L, 28-14
2010: Packers — W, 27-20
2009: Saints — W, 48-27
2008: Steelers —  W, 38-17
2007: Giants — L, 45-35
2006: Colts — W, 26-21
2005: Steelers — W, 34-7
2004: Patriots — W, 27-24
2003: Patriots — L, 31-0

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