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The mayor on FlaccoGate

Published: August 29, 2013, 12:45 pm, by Paul Klee

You might remember this column on Denver’s mayor, Michael Hancock, from last year.

Mr. Mayor agrees that Denver should be a strong consideration to host a Super Bowl.

(Fingers crossed MetLife Stadium doesn’t get snowed out, setting an unfavorable precedent.)

Hanckock is also with me — and you? — that a Ravens quarterback has no business on the side of Sports Authority Field.

“We don’t need the eye pollution, the sight pollution, of Joe Flacco going up around our stadium,” Hancock said today while on the air with our friends C.J. and Les on 102.3 ESPN.

Agreed, Mr. Mayor.

Man knows his football. He was the Broncos mascot.

And this is no time for political diplomacy.

“So I want to see a Roethlisberger go up in Baltimore,” Hancock said. “Or a Kaepernick poster go up in Dallas and see how they feel about it.”

Most Denver media is copping out, saying the banner(s) are much ado about nothing. Then let’s plaster Nick Saban on the side of LSU’s stadium. And Aaron Rodgers on Soldier Field. And the Jayhawk on Rupp Arena.

It’s not that it’s Flacco, though it doesn’t help. If this were Alex Smith… or Terrell Pryor… or Philip Rivers… I’d feel the same.

Is this life or death or important at all? Of course not. It’s sports. But there’s a principle at work here. This is simply more PC propaganda encouraging us to all get along and sing a happy song.

Hogwash. Some things are sacred: rooting against the Yankees, catch-and-release trout waters, Ralphie’s run.

An NFL city’s stadium.

Yes, the mayor’s office has received a number of calls from fans angered by the heinous flags.

“We got called when Tebow got traded,” Hancock said. “When Tebow got traded, people were calling and angry, as if I had something to do with it.”

Good on you, callers.

And good on you, Mr. Mayor.

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