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Broncos Live Report — Cardinals at Broncos

Published: August 29, 2013, 5:40 pm, by Paul Klee

DENVER — Do the Broncos have a quarterback controversy?

For the backup spot, of course.

Third-stringer Zac Dysert, a candidate for the 53-man roster or the practice squad, showed well in the final game of the preseason. Heading into the final two minutes against Arizona, Dysert had completed eight of 10 passes for 158 yards and a touchdown.

Brock Osweiler, the backup to Peyton Manning, was 7-for-11 for 108 yards. He also rushed for 25 yards.

More than the result, the fourth and final preseason game was defined by its headwear. Manning donned his usual white visor, Eric Decker rocked an orange ballcap, and Ronnie Hillman made two carries before swapping his helmet for a white hat.

The starters sat, the reserves made their case for a roster spot. Denver opens the season a week from tonight against Baltimore.

More coverage and a final score coming later on Gazette.com.

Gazette.com Broncos Live Report — Broncos 17, Cardinals 10 — 6:07 left in third quarter — Sports Authority Field at Mile High

—Omar Bolden was back on punt returns. Even Trindon’s being kept safe.

—Sylvester Williams getting a long look here in the second half.

—Broncos coach Red Miller was shown on the big screen. The gentleman behind me played for Red Miller.

—Upset pick this weekend: North Dakota State over Kansas State.

—Lock of next weekend: Whoever plays these Cardinals.

—Do the Broncos have a (backup) quarterback controversy? Nah. But this is why they like Zac Dysert.

Back in a few.


Gazette.com Broncos Live Report — Broncos 10, Cardinals 10 — Halftime — Sports Authority Field at Mile High

—Ben Garland was a captain for the Broncos tonight.

—Osweiler was 7-for-8 with 108 passing yards in the first half. We can assume he’s done for the night in favor of Zac Dysert.

—Three of those passes went to Gerrell Robinson, who teamed with Osweiler at ASU.

—Rocky the (Nuggets) SuperMascot is on the field at halftime.

—The crowd tonight? Oh, probably about 40,000. Give or take.

—Writing on Knowshon Moreno and the Broncos running back conundrum for Friday’s Gazette.

Back in a few.


Gazette.com Broncos Live Report — Broncos 10, Cardinals 0 — 12:36 left in the second quarter — Sports Authority Field at Mile High

—No one’s picked up Willis McGahee. Notice that? The knee wasn’t healthy, as we wrote during OTAs.

—Brock Osweiler opened the game with five consecutive completions.

—The Cardinals opened the game with only two of their usual starters on defense.

—An underappreciated draft pick made by the Broncos in recent years: Kayvon Webster. I’ll eat crow, but me thinks the rookie has a chance to be very good.

—Webster made a big hit in the first half. He earned a big flag, too, even though it appeared Webster smashed the receiver in the shoulder area, not the head area.

—Ben Garland announced over the P.A. system. He made a tackle.

—Tebow being tormented on Twitter. I don’t get it. Of all the Patriots to torment right now… and he’s the target?

—Here’s how I see the AFC West shaking out (right now): Broncos 11-5, Chiefs 8-8, Chargers 7-9, Raiders 3-13.

Back in a few.


Gazette.com Broncos Live Report — Arizona Cardinals at Broncos — Sports Authority Field at Mile High — Kickoff

 —Free tonight? Tickets are going for $20 on Craigslist. Cheap date.

—If protecting Peyton is the top priority for the running backs, Knowshon Moreno should be the guy early in the season, me thinks. You?

—The parachutists just soared into the stadium, buzzing the press box.

—It’s 83 degrees at the moment.

—No Tebow yet. David Ramsey is not here tonight, so I assume Colorado Springs’ biggest Tebow supporter is at home watching the Pats.

—Keep an eye on Quentin Jammer tonight. Is he fighting for a roster spot? The injury to Champ Bailey surely helps his cause.

Back in a few.


Gazette.com Broncos Live Report — Arizona Cardinals at Broncos — Sports Authority Field at Mile High — 25 minutes until kickoff (7 p.m.)

—Air Force’s Ben Garland is stretching with the defense. He was moved back to the defensive line after playing last season on the offensive line on the practice squad. One man’s opinion: this is a short-term move by the Broncos, who needed bodies on the D-line. Expect Ben will be back on the defensive line with the practice squad this year.

—First-round pick Sylvester Williams is chatting with fans on the back of the end zone.

—Sports Authority Field is about 25 percent full at the moment. Still a good half hour before kickoff.

—Expect to see a lot of Brock Osweiler and Zac Dysert at quarterback tonight. The Broncos like Dysert.

—No Tebow yet in the Patriots game.

—But there is a Tebow jersey here — in Section 317.

Back in a few.


Gazette.com Broncos Live Report — Arizona Cardinals at Broncos — Sports Authority Field at Mile High — 45 minutes until kickoff (7 p.m.)

—Trindon Holliday is being shown on the Jumbotron/Jerry World Vision/huge scoreboard. He’s fielding kicks. In a game with only a few storylines, that’s something to watch tonight — gotta clean up special teams.

—My NFL predictions column will run in Sunday’s edition of The Gazette.

—Looks like Tebow hasn’t checked in for the Pats tonight. Will he? Or is this the end of the line?

—Jacob Tamme is chatting with Arizona cornerback Jerraud Powers on the field. They were teammates in Indianapolis.

—Broncos running back Jeremiah Johnson also is fielding punts from Britton Colquitt.

—Peyton Manning always is on the field between 55-60 minutes prior to kickoff. He’s not down there yet. Yep, it’s the final preseason game.

Back in a few.


Score        Program        Cards    Flacco.2

Gazette.com Broncos Live Report — Arizona Cardinals at Broncos — Sports Authority Field at Mile High — 90 minutes until kickoff (7 p.m.)

Evening everyone. Denver columnist Paul Klee joining you from Sports Authority Field. Roughly half the Broncos and Cardinals are warming up on the field (bottom left), so we’ll get started early.

—My phone says it’s 93 degrees, and it felt much warmer by the field. Ominous, dark clouds moving in from the mountains. We’ll keep any eye on the weather.

—Or Peyton Manning can keep an eye on the weather. He won’t be worried about the Cardinals tonight, because he won’t play. Most, if not all, of the starters won’t play in this fourth and final preseason game.

—With great relief, I can report there is not Joe Flacco/Ravens propaganda inside Sports Authority Field. Only on the outside of the stadium (bottom right). Plenty of folks taking photos in front of the infamous Flacco Flag before the game.

—Well, that’s not entirely true. Flacco is on the cover of the Broncos Gameday program tonight (above right). He’s being sacked by Derek Wolfe. Look closer, though, and you’ll see the sack is from their regular-season matchup last season at M&T Bank Stadium — not in the playoff game. That’s because the Broncos rarely got to Flacco in the playoff game.

-Denver mayor Michael Hancock talked about FlaccoGate with C.J. and Les earlier today. Read about that here.

—The huge new scoreboard at Sports Authority Field reads: ARZ 0, DEN 7 (above left). To reach a compromise on the Flacco poster, the NFL apparently has spotted the Broncos a seven-point lead before tonight’s game.

—Today’s big news in of the NFL: the two sides reached a $765-million settlement in the concussion lawsuit.

—And for today’s column, we broke away from the Broncos beat and talked with Tim Connelly, the Nuggets’ new GM. He had some interesting things to say about tanking in the NBA — and how the new Nuggets will define success. Link here.

—Hey, it’s always NBA season.

—Tim Tebow’s on the TV up here in the pressbox. He’s hugging Josh McDaniels. Our friend Lindsay Jones is suffering flashbacks to my right.

Back in a few.

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