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Thoughts on Von Miller… Part II

Published: August 14, 2013, 6:36 pm, by Paul Klee

Since someone, via electronic mail, asked what I think of Von Miller, here’s what I think of Von Miller:

I think this is his mug shot.

I think he’s digging a hole.

I think — no, thought — it was strange that his scheduled court date was Dec. 31, 2012, but he wasn’t arrested until Aug. 11.

I think this report explained why: Von was at the Centennial Gun Club, and buying a gun comes with a background check. Then the outstanding warrant popped up. Then the Arapahoe County police popped up. Then the mug shot popped up.

I think this reminds me that I have jury duty coming up.

I think, Huh. That would have been easy to forget.

But I think I wouldn’t forget a court date.

I think this is a perfect storm of a terribly imperfect offseason for Miller. I don’t think he’s a bad person, and I think this will be blown wayyyy out of proportion, and I think we’re smart to remember what he was arrested for. I think this wasn’t assault, folks.

I think NFL players have it made. There are people, within the Broncos organization, within the NFL, within their own cliques, with the sole duty of making certain their lives are in order. I think that’s what cell phones are for. Besides taking photos.

I think it will be interesting when pay day comes around. Will this pattern of behavior affect the Broncos’ thinking when Miller is ready for a second contract? I think he’s going to get paid by somebody.

I think he will be forgiven, in time, because that’s what we do with our great athletes.

I think I don’t always agree with that, but it’s true. Right, Baltimore?

I think this is what the Broncos said in their statement this afternoon:

“We have been aware of the matter involving Von Miller’s failure to appear in court for traffic violations. It was reported to the league earlier this week and is being handled through the legal system.”

I think this was a couple traffic citations, followed by a missed court date, followed by an arrest. I think we’ve seen worse in Colorado.

I think Von Miller hasn’t been himself in this training camp. I think the light in his eyes has been flickered out.

I think Von Miller is — sorry, will be — the most dynamic linebacker I’ve seen in person. I think Simon Fletcher was right.

I think: Is a missed court date really worth freaking out over? Then I think: Yes, following the rules is part of the big deal when you’re a big deal. I think Von Miller needs to get his chickens in a row.

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