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Broncos training camp — Friday

Published: July 26, 2013, 2:17 pm, by Paul Klee


Another packed house at Dove Valley for Day Two of Broncos training camp. One conversation among fans, decked in predominantly orange, is worth repeating.

Security guard: “Sir, you’re not allowed to film practice. It’s against league policy.”

Broncos fan, lowering his iPhone: “But Belichick and Josh McDaniels said we could.”

Here’s the morning wrap-up:

Play of the day: Midway through the practice, which lasted roughly two hours, Peyton Manning and backup QB Brock Osweiler took turns launching deep throws to receivers. At Manning’s request, one security guard stepped into the crowd and pulled forward a little kid. He was probably 10, 11 years old.

Manning said something to the kid, who prompty ran a crossing route. Incomplete. The second pass was a completion… and the kid broke into a touchdown dance. Manning applauded. The crowd dug it. The kid definitely dug it.

Newsworthy: I’ve been asked a few times about John Elway — in regards to his presence during workouts. Here’s an example. Today, Elway stood behind the quarterbacks during 7-on-7 drills. The great quarterback of old, Elway, didn’t interact with Peyton Manning, the great quarterback of now, during practice, but Elway did have the occasional conversation with coach John Fox. It’s clear Elway and Fox have a friendly working relationship.

The untrained eye saw: Um, Julius Thomas. Don’t know the name? We all will soon. After today’s practice, I’m writing about the big tight end for Sunday’s edition of The Gazette. Thomas is the former college basketball player, who, after a series of injuries and surgeries, has been unable to play a significant role in the Broncos offense. I expect that’s about to change.

“I can’t tell you how good it feels to be healthy again,” Thomas told me after the practice, in which he made several fan-pleasing (and Peyton-pleasing) receptions.

Overall: I don’t know that a great deal can be gleaned from training camp. Who’s healthy. Who’s running with the starters. Who arrived at camp out of shape. Those things, I suppose. 

But you know when a unit — offense or defense — is clicking. Perhaps because its first day wasn’t as crisp, the Broncos offense was on point today. At least, as on point as an offense can be on Day Two of training camp.

The defense got the upperhand on Thursday. But the offense seemed to be smoother, and certainly with a quicker pace, today.

Eric Decker and Wes Welker were the two receiving standouts. Demaryius Thomas got his, but also dropped a sure touchdown from Manning.

Next: Camp runs 8:50-11 a.m. on Friday. It’s the first day of pads for the Broncos.

“You love contact as a defensive player,” safety David Bruton said today. “You like to hit people.”

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