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If Von is gone, what does it mean for Broncos?

Published: July 23, 2013, 2:09 pm, by Paul Klee

Here’s that column today on Von Miller.

Worth a mention: Brandon Kriztal of 104.3 The Fan reported that Miller was nailed for marijuana and Molly (a drug like ecstasy, we’re told). This is a problem. This is potentially a bigger problem down the road. It’s something the Broncos would have to consider when it’s time to commit a king’s ransom before his contract expires after the 2014 season.

You can’t commit the stacks of money Miller would demand to a player who loves the NFL lifestyle more than the NFL game.

But those decisions will be made in time.

If the appeal fails and the four-game suspension is upheld, here’s what the Broncos would be missing against the Ravens, Giants, Raiders and Eagles — three of the four at home.

The Broncos sacked, hit or hurried the quarterback 202 times last season. Miller accounted for 93 of those. (Elvis Dumervil, who’s gone, had 60). It’s not simply his pass-rushing ability that would be missed, however. On running plays in which Miller made a tackle, the ballcarriers averaged .25 yards per carry. Houston menance J.J. Watt was the only one better.

Special thanks to stats wizard Sam Monson of Profootballfocus.com for those numbers.

Even so, like we wrote today, it’s just four games, in September, three at home. The Broncos last year opened 2-3 and finished (the regular season) with the No. 1 seed in the AFC playoffs.

Off to Coors Field to figure out the Rockies.

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