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Nuggets not done?

Published: July 20, 2013, 3:22 pm, by Paul Klee

Last time I talked to Tim Connelly — when Randy Foye and J.J. Hickson were introduced in Denver — the Nuggets GM gave the impression the front office isn’t finished with the roster.

“We’re definitely not tied down right now,” Connelly told me.

One player the Nuggets have targeted: Mike Miller, the veteran sharpshooter cut loose by the Heat. Simply by raising their hand in the Miller courtship, the Nuggets recognize outside shooting is a weakness that needed to be strengthened. That was the thought behind adding Foye, as well. 

I’ve returned from a quick vacation (i.e. fishing the Gunnison) before the Broncos kick into gear with training camp Thursday. Looking forward to getting back to writing.

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