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Jaws on Peyton Manning’s… golf game

Published: July 13, 2013, 8:51 am, by Paul Klee



For me, there’s one analyst who is a must-watch on ESPN’s NFL coverage: Ron Jaworski.

I appreciate how Jaws is honest — sometimes painfully blunt — in his evaluations. There’s no agenda. Oftentimes with ex-players, I feel like there is a tendency to let their friend-ness influence their analysis.

Jaws breaks it down as he sees it. We don’t get that often enough. I almost always learn something from Jaws. I like that.

While researching a column on Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, I called Jaws on Friday. As luck has it, Jaworski and Manning recently played golf together.

“Peyton’s as competitive on the golf course as he is on the football field,” Jaws said.

Manning is a 6-handicap. Jaws is a 9.

“He hits it long off the tee,” Jaworski said. “And he’s a very good putter.”

Maybe Jaws will work that into the next installment of his QB rankings. I pushed him on it, but Jaws wouldn’t divulge which quarterback is No. 1 on his list.

We’ll have his Peyton Manning breakdown in a Broncos training camp preview on Sunday, July 21.

And I talked about the Manning conversation on 104.3 The Fan on Friday. Here’s the podcast.

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