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Iguodala negotiations, per Nuggets GM

Published: July 12, 2013, 11:17 am, by Paul Klee

The NBA is a bottom-line business.

The bottom line is wins and cash money.

So what’s the deal with Andre Iguodala taking less money with the Warriors and fleeing the Nuggets? I asked Nuggets GM Tim Connelly on Thursday about the Iguodala negotiations.

“We tried hard to get him back. He’s a pro. He’s a great guy,” Connelly said. “We were very optimistic throughout the process we were going to get it done. We made a pretty generous offer. We made two offers, actually. Both were more lucrative than what he eventually decided upon. So we’ll miss him.”

What the Nuggets won’t miss is a potentially debilitating contract. What will the Nuggets miss with Iguodala now in the Bay Area?

“Specifically, we’ll miss his defensive versatility,” Connelly said. “And we’ll miss his playmaking and veteran leadership.”

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