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Nuggets next All-Star: Ty Lawson

Published: July 9, 2013, 10:36 pm, by Paul Klee

The Nuggets didn’t have a player selected to the NBA All-Star game in 2012 or 2013.

Who’s next? Ty Lawson, me thinks, and the point guard, who is entering his fifth season, probably would get your vote.

That should be a goal for Lawson. He’s good enough to be an All-Star, and he wants to play in the All-Star game. Not for selfish reasons; Lawson simply wants to take the next step in his development. And he needs to be an All-Star — or All-Star-caliber — if the Nuggets are going to move forward after a titanic shifting of plates this offseason.

“I think I would’ve been one last year, but I started out slow,” Lawson said today. “The West is tough with all the point guards. But I’ve been working hard to get to the All-Star level this summer.”

There’s the rub. The point guards on the Western Conference roster last season were Chris Paul (a pain in Nuggets’ sides for years), Russell Westbrook and Tony Parker. Esteemed company, for sure, and they’re not alone.

I talked to Lawson today, and the veteran (he qualifies after four NBA seasons) said he is 100-percent healthy. He played the waning days of the 2012-13 season on a gimpy foot that required injections to get him on the court. Lawson said the Nuggets who are in town have been scrimmaging with their summer-league roster at Pepsi Center.

Lawson is running his kids basketball camp — Ty Lawson Skills Camp — this week at Rock Canyon High School in Littleton. Why run a hoops camp?

“I can’t be in my hometown in D.C., because I don’t play for the Wizards. So I want to do that here — put a smile on kids’ faces and give back to the community,” Lawson said. “These are things I wish players would’ve done when I was coming up.”

Carmelo Anthony was a four-time All-Star with the Nuggets. Other than Melo, Chauncey Billups was the most recent All-Star. Billups replaced injured Chris Paul on the roster in 2010. George Karl coached the Western Conference’s best in 2010.

It’s time for another. The second half of the 2012-13 season, Lawson was good enough.  Why not Ty?

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