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Trindon Holliday — forgotten Bronco?

Published: July 8, 2013, 9:12 am, by Paul Klee

Looking back, who was the Broncos’ best player in the nauseating loss to the Ravens in the NFL playoffs?

The vote here goes to Trindon Holliday. Remember him? He’s not a name that usually gets mentioned when the Broncos’ 2013 prospects are being discussed. Manning. Miller. Welker. Thomas. Champ. What about Holliday?

That’s my guy. We shouldn’t forget about him.

For all the changes (Adam Gase to offensive coordinator), subtractions (Elvis Dumervil to Baltimore) and additions (Wes Welker from the Pats), the guy who had the biggest impact on the last game is rarely mentioned.

Holliday returned a punt for a touchdown and a kickoff for a touchdown against the Ravens. Because the Broncos failed in so many other areas and lost a game they should have won, Holliday’s brilliance is often overlooked.

If the Broncos don’t blow it in regulation, Holliday’s a playoff legend. He was magic in that game. Aside from an occasional case of butterfingers, Holliday was magic for much of the season. Among players returning for the 2013 season, Holliday led the NFL in punt return yards with 481. And that doesn’t count the playoff game where he added the 90-yard punt return for the first score of the game.

One thing I’ll be watching during training camp, which opens in 17 days at Dove Valley: How will the Broncos use Holliday on offense? In the team’s mini-camp, coaches tinkered with Holliday at wideout. There won’t be many opportunities to catch passes from Peyton Manning. Not with Welker, Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Julius Thomas, Jacob Tamme and Joel Dreesen.

But if we learned anything from the loss to the Ravens, it is that Holliday only needs a small number of opportunities to make a big difference.

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