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Fly-fishing feedback — thanks to all

Published: June 24, 2013, 4:46 pm, by Paul Klee

Wanted to offer a quick thanks to everyone who got in touch about this fly-fishing blog post. Appreciate it. The feedback was overwhelming; it seems our loyal readership certainly has a thirst for fly-fishing columns. I’ll continue them when time allows. (Wouldn’t it be great if time always allowed for more time on the water?). Looks like a Gunnison trip is taking shape for early July.

Along those lines, got on the water for a few hours Sunday. Hit the Colorado River at the Pumphouse station, hiking up Gore Canyon. Here’s a quick rundown. Lots of bugs on the water — Yellow Sallies and caddis, mostly — but most action was below the surface. Among the effective patterns: No. 18 Rainbow Warrior, No. 18 RS2, No. 16 Copper John (red), No. 8 Pat’s Rubber Legs, the Klee caddis emerger (an odd pattern I used to tie for the North Platte and have yet to name), No. 12 Stimulator. The river was running around 540 CFS and appears to be dropping with run-off in the rearview mirror. The water was slammed with drift boats, but those of us in waders had the canyon largely to ourselves.

So — thanks again. Always good to get feedback from readers, feel free to get in touch with any thoughts (paul.klee@gazette.com).

Solid variety of columns coming up this week. We’ve got the World University Games (with Buffs coach Tad Boyle and Spencer Dinwiddie among those in Colorado Springs today), the NBA draft, Rockies return to Coors after a long road swing and the NHL draft. I’m also taking a look at the race for Broncos tickets. When it comes to securing seats for Peyton Manning’s second season, it’s a jungle out there.

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