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Which game console rules in Colorado?

Published: June 25, 2014, 11:39 am, by Dalton Walker
(Movoto Blog)

(Movoto Blog)

I was once a gamer. I had the popular video game consoles as a kid and I still have the Power Glove tucked away for safe keeping. Perhaps I could use it for Halloween one of these years.

Anyway, the nerds at the popular Movoto Blog did all the heavy leg work and created a nice map of the U.S. showing which game console is popular in each state.

Sure, there are plenty of game consoles out there, both new and old, but Movoto picked the two giants – PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

NOTE: I’m an Xbox guy and I would love an Xbox One but those game marathon days are behind me. I have an Xbox 360 and had the original Xbox.

Colorado agrees with me, apparently, because our fine state prefers Xbox One, according to Movoto.

In all, 22 states prefer Xbox One, 19 like PS4 and nine others are still trying to figure it out and are undecided.

Both consoles are basically the same for the novice gamer, in my opinion. It’s more loyalty than anything.

Here’s the most interesting sentence in the blog:

“Despite the fact that Sony has sold more PS4s than Microsoft has sold Xbox Ones, MS seems to be winning on the social front, with 22 states racking up a larger fan count in the Xbox One’s favor, compared to the PS4’s 19.”

Do you game? If so, which is your preference and why?