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Biden comes to The Springs, days after losing knife at USC commencement, The Onion reports

Published: May 18, 2014, 1:22 pm, by Dalton Walker
(The Onion)

(The Onion)

Vice President Joe Biden visits Colorado Springs later this month to address 1,000 graduating Air Force Academy cadets.

I hope he brings his butterfly knife. Wait, what?

Biden was in South Carolina earlier this month to speak to University of South Carolina graduates. The event went on without a hitch.

Unless of course you’re The Onion.

Biden was really in South Carolina but that’s where the truth ends and The Onion begins.

The Onion reported (in a fake story) that Biden lost control of a butterfly knife during his USC commencement speech. Biden was twirling the knife on stage when it slipped from his grip and hit a provost’s seat.

“Sorry, everybody. That never happens. Man, I had it going awesome earlier, but I’m sweatin’ balls up here…” reads The Onion’s article.

Warning: Adult language is used in The Onion’s article.