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Map: No surprise who is Colorado’s most-Googled athlete

Published: April 22, 2014, 5:13 pm, by Dalton Walker




Raise your hand if you guessed Peyton Manning.

*hand raised*

Broncos are king, everyone knows that in Colorado. So it’s no big surprise our favorite quarterback leads the popular search engine. Will Manning lead the Broncos to the promised land next season? Odds are likely he’ll get Denver to the Big Game, like he did this year.

Credit bestticketsblog for the map.

ESPN put together a nice article breaking down the map. LeBron James not only leads Florida and Cleveland, he the most popular athlete of the Internet, leading with 24 states. Manning is second with six states.

Besides Colorado, Manning is most searched in Indiana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Montana and Tennessee.

Tom Brady and running back Adrian Peterson tie for third with four states.

Is it football season yet?