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Map: the Onion wants to know if felons have the right to vote

Published: April 14, 2014, 11:49 am, by Dalton Walker
(the Onion)

(the Onion)

Should felons have the right to vote?

Of course not, according to the Onion. “Can you imagine leaving elections in the hands of such uninformed decision-makers?”


The satire website put together a map asking if felons have the right to vote. Each state is color coordinated to seven colors and descriptions. Colorado is red, along with Nebraska, Minnesota and Hawaii.

Blue is my favorite. Here’s its description: Yes, but only for the next few presidential elections and then we should evaluate how they did.

Purple has a good one, too. Here: Yes, I love a little danger when I head to the polls.

Onion has a few other fun maps, including one asking should we tax soda and junk food?

Here’s the definition for Colorado: Do whatever you want. There’s no price I wouldn’t pay for Mountain Dew Code Red.