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Springtime in Colorado for a newbie

Published: April 8, 2014, 6:19 pm, by Dalton Walker


The good people at Denver Westword put together a fun guide of sorts for new Coloradans on preparation for springtime.

Here are the website’s five: Bring a jacket, wear sunscreen, drink plenty of water, be prepared to handle Colorado Rockies game traffic and there are other great outdoor venues besides Red Rocks.

Sound advice. As a Colorado newbie, I totally agree with the first three on the list. It may say 65ish on the temperature gage, still its best to bring a jacket. Hey, the shade can be chilly. I was outside earlier Tuesday and soaked up some of the sun. I don’t sunburn easy, but my hand stung some. Weird, I know.

I drink plenty of water each day. My body reacts differently when I don’t so water has been my special friend since I moved here.

I haven’t been to a Rockies game yet, but I have walked around the stadium on non-game days. Cool area and I could see how game traffic could ruin your day up there.

I drove by Red Rocks a few times. Beautiful. I hope to catch a show there sooner than later. One day, perhaps. Good news is that there are plenty of other great outdoor venues in our fine state, according to Westword.

Click here for more of a list description.