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UPDATE: Colorado woman continues search for her missing dog in Arizona

Published: April 2, 2014, 10:35 am, by Dalton Walker


What would you do if you lost your dog while out of state? Would you do everything you could to find your furry friend, even if that meant not coming home?

That’s exactly what one Colorado woman is doing. Amariah Skye has been staying in Tempe, Ariz., since Feb. 19, looking for her best friend, Duder, a Blue Heeler, according to MyFoxPhoenix.com

Skye had 6-year-old Duder since he was a puppy. “He was my baby before I had a real baby,” she told MyFoxPhoenix.

Duder, who was recovering from an injury from another dog, left through an open door at a hotel when Skye was on the phone outside, according to the report.

I grew up with dogs and understand their companionship. Hopefully Skye finds Duder soon.

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UPDATE: Duder has been found. More here