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List: Are these 10 Colorado Springs stereotypes accurate?

Published: March 27, 2014, 12:32 pm, by Dalton Walker
(Source: Flickr user Beverly & Pack via Movoto)

(Source: Flickr user Beverly & Pack via Movoto)

There’s a list for almost everything these days. They’re popular and usually pretty funny. But how many are accurate? I’ll leave that to you, especially with the following list.

The “10 Colorado Springs stereotypes that are totally accurate” is floating around the Internet.

Real estate website, Movoto, created the list: Colorado Springs is a study in contradictions. A High Plains city in the shadow of the Rockies, home to hippies, heroes, holy rollers and horse wranglers.

My takeaway: I didn’t know went by Colorado Springsians, it’s a fun list and please keep making these types of lists.

Here’s the list:

  1. Older Colorado Springs residents are “really, really, really” conservative
  2. Young Colorado Springs residents are really liberal
  3. All agree that camo is the new black
  4. Springs residents are cowboy posers
  5. Residents can’t wrap their minds around foreign words
  6. Colorado Springsians never leave home without their dog
  7. Residents think they are fitness enthusiasts, but really are more like fitness freaks.
  8. “If you see someone at Pikes Peak, they are totally a tourist”
  9. Springs residents think compact cars are for weenies
  10. Colorado Springsians aren’t afraid to make it Facebook Official.