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Will we (Colorado) survive the zombie apocalypse?

Published: March 25, 2014, 5:28 pm, by Dalton Walker


Good news, Colorado, we will survive the zombie apocalypse.

Only Alaska and Wyoming are more likely to survive the pending zombie apocalypse, according to the real estate blog, Estately.com.

“Given the growing frequency with which zombies appear in movies, TV shows, and your worst nightmares, it’s inevitable the zombie apocalypse will soon be upon us,” the blog reads.

Bad news, New Jersey, you’re last and least likely to survive. Mississippi is right there too, along with the District of Columbia, though many already claim that place is populated by political zombies.

Hey New Jersey, “If the zombie apocalypse began today, and you live in New Jersey, the odds are 100% that you’ve already been bitten and have become a zombie,” reads the blog.

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