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Blucifer or Blue Mustang? DIA’s demon-looking horse goes by both

Published: March 17, 2014, 12:58 pm, by Dalton Walker

The eyes. The first time I drove by the blue horse, I glanced at it and quickly looked at it again in fear.

You know the sculptured horse I’m referring to without even looking it up.

Apparently the horse’s name is Blue Mustang and he was installed in 2008 to welcome visitors to Denver International Airport. Or maybe scare visitors away.

Blue Mustang was profiled recently by Slate.com as part of its hidden wonder series. Blue Mustang a hidden wonder? No, how about a creepy wonder?

The 32-foot sculpture with demon-like red eyes is also called Blucifer, according to Slate.

I didn’t know it had a name, but Blucifer makes sense to me. It scares me and I avoid looking into its eyes when I pass by. True story.



Blucifer is supposed to represent the wild spirit of the old American west. Does it?

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