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Video: The Colorado Avalanche does its version of an Imagine Dragons hit song

Published: March 11, 2014, 11:56 am, by Dalton Walker

First, I rarely watch any music videos these days, even if it’s by a favorite artist. Not sure why, I guess I’m just not interested. However, I’m a fan of Imagine Dragons and have heard the group’s hit, “Radioactive”, many times. My daughter loves the song. The remix with Kendrick Lamar is awesome.

Apparently, members of the Avalanche hockey team are Imagine Dragons fans, too. A few of the team’s hockey players lip-sync their way through “Radioactive” and here is the video to prove it.

The video was posted on YouTube Monday and has 80,000-plus views as of Tuesday morning.

If you like the song, you should enjoy the video. Instead of a batch of weird-looking animals in the original video, Avalanche stars are shown, along with game highlights. The video ends with #whynotus

Watch videos here, the first one is the original. Enjoy