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Reward: Lost drone in Colorado (UPDATE)

Published: March 6, 2014, 8:28 am, by Dalton Walker
(The Denver Channel)

(The Denver Channel)

UPDATE: the drone has been found. The machine was found a block away from where it took off. Two people were awarded for helping Loyal Merrick find it. Read more here.


Apparently someone in Denver lost their drone in the skies recently, and now the owner has hung up posters across the city offering a reward for the $2,000 machine.

The Denver Channel is reporting that Denver resident Loyal Merrick’s drone “floated off like a balloon”. The Storm Drone 6 with a $400 GoPro camera disappeared.

The news station is reporting that drones floating away are common with this technology.

Note to self: Don’t buy a drone just yet.

“I tried to run in the direction to get closer to it, and I don’t know,” Merrick told the TV station. “I just lost track of it. It’s that simple.”

The story didn’t say what type of reward was offered, but be on the look out for any down drone the next time you’re in Denver.