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Colorado was ranked what in sexual duration?

Published: February 19, 2014, 1:38 pm, by Dalton Walker


Remember the Spreadsheets App I blogged about in October?

Here’s a refresher: The smartphone app gives users statistical feedback about their action in the bedroom.  Two Colorado based peeps co-founded the app, which was the main reason I blogged about it.

Now the app is back in social media news with new data. Nerve.com, a website known for sexual topics and relationships, published an article based on the data, “This map shows which states have the longest (and shortest) sex.”

You know how much I love maps.

Ranking wise, Colorado isn’t doing too well. Perspective wise, you be the judge. Colorado is 39th at 2:21 minutes, with longer times equaling a lower ranking.

So which state has the longest sex in America? If you guessed our friends to the south of us you’d be right. New Mexico leads the pack, by more than a minute over second place west Virginia, with an average of 7:01.

Alaska is last (or first?) at 1:21.

Averages are dependent on state usage. Data is from 10,000 “early adopters” and the article doesn’t explain how many uses per state.

“Spreadsheets was created to approach sex in a way that is both light-hearted and improvement oriented,” says Danny Wax, Co-founder of the app told Nerve.com. “We wanted to create an app that entices users to have some fun with their partner and share in that afterglow experience, while encouraging open dialog and feedback.”

A buddy back in South Dakota where I used to live posted the link today and I immediately laughed out loud at what he noted. He wondered how many “early adopters” of the app are responsible for the state’s “piss-poor” rating. South Dakotans bested Alaskans by 9 seconds.

NOTE: Nerve.com is geared more to an over 18 crowd. You’ve been warned.