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No, we don’t get free marijuana when we buy ski lift tickets

Published: February 12, 2014, 2:12 pm, by Dalton Walker
(Patrick Kennedy on the Colbert Report)

(Patrick Kennedy on the Colbert Report)

So apparently we don’t’ get free weed when we buy lift tickets at Colorado ski resorts.

Well, there goes my weekend plans.

Jokes aside, no matter what former Rhode Island congressman Patrick J. Kennedy says, we don’t get free weed when we buy ski lift tickets.

The Daily Caller, a website known for its conservative views, called out Kennedy Tuesday for making the false claim in his appearance on The Colbert Report Monday. Kennedy is the leader of the anti-weed group called Project Sam.

Kennedy, like most people who appear on Stephen Colbert’s show, went back and forth with Colbert’s playful banter. In a roughly 7 minute video posted on Colbertnation.com, at the 3:30 mark, Kennedy said you get free joints when you get a lift ticket. Colbert asks if that’s true and Kennedy says yes before quickly moving on.

Watch video HERE.

The Daily Caller said a spokesman for Colorado Ski Country USA said Kennedy was “factually incorrect.”