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Here’s what it takes to get a snow day, kiddos

Published: February 3, 2014, 1:26 pm, by Dalton Walker


Here’s an interesting map.

(I know, I say that a lot.)

Dan Malouff, a transportation planner and University of Colorado grad, posted a map of the United State recently show what it takes to cancel school.

According to his map, if you live in the Colorado mountains you need 24 inches of snow to get a snow day. The Front Range requires between 6 to 12 inches for school called off, according to the map.

By comparison, the entire state of Alaska needs at least 24 inches, and any snow in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana means a snow day. States not used to getting snow struggle when they do, mostly because of infrastructure. Remember earlier this year when a snowstorm crippled Atlanta?

Malouff used data from NOAA maps, city-data.com and other surveys.

“So while it may not be the most precise or reliable data, it’s still an interesting general look at snow closure patterns around the country,” Malouff wrote.

The Colorado Springs-area has already had its share of snow days or delays. More are possible this week with the upcoming forecast.

Take a look at the map and share your thoughts.

NOTE: Probably not the best idea to reference this map only when wondering if there is a snow day.  Instead, call the school or ask to be part of its notification list.