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One Colorado college named in ‘top 50′ list of most amazing college campuses

Published: January 30, 2014, 3:25 pm, by Dalton Walker

How pretty is your college? Was it pretty enough to make the 50 most amazing college campuses for 2014?

(Side note: Mine wasn’t. Maybe top 200)

The Best Colleges website published the list earlier this month.

One Colorado school made the list, which surprises me considering our surroundings. The University of Colorado Boulder barely got in. CU is listed 48, just after Northwestern University and before Wake Forest University.

Apparently if you attend a pretty school you like it. (Who knew?)

Those with a degree from a beautiful campus typically report higher overall satisfaction with their college experience, according to Best Colleges.

A North Carolina school named Elon University topped the list. I’ve never heard of half the schools listed.

Unfortunately, my school, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, didn’t make it.

Here’s a little of what Best Colleges said about CU:

Among the top public universities in the country, the University of Colorado also features great facilities to round-out student life and benefit social experiences.