Now that’s a lot of bood

Published: December 30, 2013, 1:00 pm, by Dalton Walker

Bill Cell is a giver.

The 85-year-old Denver man recently donated his 85th gallon of blood.

Cell first gave blood in 1946 and has donated frequently since 1969, according to the Denver Post.

Cell’s story was even picked up by a Philadelphia TV news station. MyFoxPhilly said Cell has donated blood 680 times.

He donates blood to Bonfits Blood Center in Westminster and was given a certificate of appreciation for his milestone.

Cell told the Post that he met a survivor of a car accident, who needed more than 200 pints of blood.

“They’ll tell me what my blood went for, like a cancer patient or an accident victim,” Cell told the Post. “I have met a couple of people who needed it.”