Video: Colorado band stuck in Texas airport passes time by singing Christmas carols

Published: December 10, 2013, 10:10 am, by Dalton Walker
Face (YouTube screenshot)

Face (YouTube screenshot)

A Colorado rock band was stuck at an airport in Texas this past weekend because of an ice storm and decided to sing some Christmas carols. How cool is that?

Face, a vocal rock band based out of Boulder, had a six-hour wait at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, according to the band’s Twitter account.

A video of the group performing in airport terminals was posted Dec. 7 and has more than 23,000 views as of late Tuesday morning. Multiple news organizations have posted the video.

In the video, one of the band members mentions that his wife is “very pregnant” and that he’s on his way to be with her.

Those of us who are lucky to travel by plane have more than likely dealt with some kind of layover. Unfortunately I’ve never been stuck at an airport where a group of people break out in song.