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Forget Colorado, we live in Squaresies

Published: November 27, 2013, 2:25 pm, by Dalton Walker


What’s the state capital of Squaresies?

Apparently it’s Denver, or maybe not. Maybe it’s Potatoes.

I tell people I live in Colorado, but our friends across the pond in Britain think I live in Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Potatoes and Squaresies, whatever that is.

BuzzFeed, a regular winner of the Internet, asked Brits to label the United States and of course the results are fantastic. In a non-scientific poll, five out of 15 Brits can correctly identify Colorado on a blank map of the U.S.

Surprised? I’m not. See this: Americans try to place European counties on a map.

Take a look at the maps and tell us what you think.