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A case of Inclineism

Published: July 2, 2014, 4:09 pm, by Jen Mulson

I have a crazy friend. Okay, I have lots of crazy friends. I like them.

manitou-incline-12-16-12-0265But one in particular has ventured across the line. Last night he did the Manitou Incline THREE, count them THREE, times. In a row. Can you even fathom that?

Did he see Kevin Bacon? I forgot to ask! Shame on me.

Okay, granted, he’s training for a bunch of bike and running races, but still. Hey, I was proud the other when I walked/jogged through Monument Valley Park, and ran a set of stairs that connect the trail to the street. I did that three times. It took about five minutes. Maybe I need to try a little harder.

How many times have you climbed the incline in a row? My friend also told me an ex-coworker once climbed it SIX times. In one day! That’s more times than I’ve done it in the past three years.

Let’s all compare notes, shall we? jen.mulson@gazette.com