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First impressions of yoga?

Published: May 14, 2014, 11:06 am, by Jen Mulson

I’m writing a column about the kookiness of yoga.

“Finally!” I can hear some of you say. “I’ve been thinking that for years!”

What puzzled you after your first class? The postures? The foreign language names? The towels, blocks, straps?

I’m trying to remember back to my first yoga classes, and what mystified me. I do remember wondering what the heck those towel things were that everybody seemed to have, and why were they all spraying them with water bottles? I learned quickly why they were so popular. I was in a heated and humidified class, which means sweaty yoga practitioners. And sweat on a yoga mat turns it into a Slip ‘N Slide = no fun. Those towels help keep your hands and feet in place. Only I used it wrong side up on my first go around with one. Oops. Who knew the nubby side went down?

I also remember one of the first times a teacher adjusted me in a pose. It was a Sunday morning class at 24 Hour Fitness, and she walked by me when we were holding downward facing dog. She pressed firmly on my mid-back, bringing me into better alignment. I loved it! Finally, I knew where my body was supposed to be working toward in the pose.

Those are just a couple of things. Frankly, it’s been so long ago now, that I can’t remember all that well what I found funky. Tell me – what did you find weird about your first times at yoga? What do you still find weird? I’d love to know!

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