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Yoga teacher Ana Forrest in Denver next weekend

Published: March 21, 2014, 10:37 am, by Jen Mulson
Ana Forrest

Ana Forrest

Lately I’ve been immersed in yoga teacher Ana Forrest’s book, “Fierce Medicine.”

She’s an internationally-known teacher who’s been traveling and teaching for decades upon decades. I’d heard of her, of course, and a few things about what her teaching style is like, but that was about it.

Her book jumped off the shelf at me, and I’m glad it did. Her back story is amazing, and by amazing, I mean I’m impressed that she’s still alive and has turned her life into such a success story. From the sounds of it, she suffered some pretty horrendous abuse, of all sorts. She says she became an alcoholic at age 4 and turned to smoking, drinking and bulimia in the decade or so thereafter. Yikes.

Yoga and a love of horses saved her. And here she is today. Her writing is definitely fierce, and from what I’ve heard, her teaching style is, too. I am in the market for fierceness right now. She seems like a no-nonsense kind of teacher, which I can dig.

I went to her website, and was pleasantly surprised to learn she’ll hold workshops in Denver next weekend. Talk about serendipity. I’m considering attending at least one of them. Her “Building the Warrior Heart” on the morning of Saturday, March 29, appeals to me, as does “Luminous Core” later that afternoon and “Heal Your Back” on Sunday, March 30.

More info here: rootyogacenter.com/ana-forrest-denver-workshop