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Love advice for Springs singles

Published: February 14, 2014, 9:55 am, by Jen Mulson

love adviceI hit the streets yesterday after The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook had designated Colorado Springs as the most romantic city in the country.

That story is here: http://coloradosprings.com/residents-react-to-colorado-springs-being-deemed-most-romantic-city-by-facebook/article/1514619

In addition to finding out if the news surprised people, I also asked for their best advice to those who might still be looking for love. According to Facebook, they’re in the right place. But the news that everybody’s already coupled up doesn’t seem to bode well for singles, does it?

Anyway, here’s some advice from your neighbors. If you have any of your own, put it in the comments. Let’s help each other out, shall we?

Jack Miller: “I was explaining to a friend who says he never meets anybody. (Drawing two spots on a piece of paper ) This stationary object and this stationary object – when will they meet? Never. But if you get one of them to move around, chances are exponential there will be an intersection and a meeting. It’s simple physics. You’ve got to do things. Do things you enjoy. Get out of the house.”

Charles Zerbe: “Come downtown because there is where all the girls are.”

Debra Kuhlman: “Be patient and take your time.”

Carrol Harvey: “Let fate direct you.”

Sarah Martin: “You can’t ever have an authentic relationship if you don’t have one with yourself.”

Claudine Malcolm-Telley: “Go out hiking. You meet nice people who are in a nice mood, and you might get a good reaction from the high altitude.”

Chris Huffine: “Normally I would say go somewhere else, but apparently that’s not the case. Stay away from downtown bars.”