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Resolve to stop resolving

Published: December 31, 2013, 2:02 pm, by Jen Mulson

connectionI’m curious. Do people even make New Year’s resolutions anymore? It feels like they’ve become passe over the years. Or maybe that’s just me getting older, and watching the idea get dusty.

In my world, the trend is choosing a theme or intention for the upcoming year, often done by selecting a word. For example, some of my previous words of the year have been love and forgiveness, flow and risk.

This year, in light of Brene Brown’s book, “The Power of Vulnerability,” I’m choosing two words: vulnerable and connection. You have to embody one to have the other, I think.

How these words or themes show up in your year is an unknown. Most likely, they’ll show up in unexpected ways. I remember the year I chose “flow” as my word, and that was the year I started to teach flow (or vinyasa) yoga.

What word or theme will you choose for the next 12 months? What do you want more of in your life? jen.mulson@gazette.com