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Lululemon founder in hot water

Published: November 20, 2013, 2:48 pm, by Jen Mulson
Chip Wilson

Chip Wilson

Open mouth, insert foot. That seems to be Chip Wilson’s modus operandi this year.

Wilson is the founder and chairman of Lululemon, the popular brand of yoga pants you’ll see on a huge portion of yoga practitioners and regular gym goers around the country.

These are the same pants that were vilified earlier this year for being see-through when the wearer bends over, as you tend to do in a yoga class.

However, to be fair to Lululemon, when I teach or practice yoga, I often spot see-through yoga pants, and they’re not just Lulus. A lot of brands seem to have this transparency problem.

I own several pairs of Lulu pants and a couple of their tops. I’m not the biggest fan of the clothing, to be honest. I love one of my tops, but the material of the pants really bothers my skin. And mind you, these are $100 pants, though I did get mine at a discounted rate. Methinks I should be LOVING them and wanting to wear them EVERYWHERE, even in the shower.

However, the commentary I’m hearing from Wilson makes me itchier than any yoga pants ever could.

I’m not the only one Wilson is turning off. He’s not making any friends lately, including one guy named Steve Colbert. You may have heard of him. He aimed the spotlight directly at Wilson on Monday, and it wasn’t pretty.


So, what say you, wearer of Lulus? Do you care that Wilson criticized women with curves? And made those bizarre comments about birth control pills and divorce rates? What about the way he mocked Asian folks?

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