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  • Losing balance

    Wed, June 5, 2013 by Jen Mulson with no comments

    Every now and again, I’ll be in yoga class, flowing through some sun salutations, breathing, pretty much just minding my own beeswax. And inspiration comes a knock, knock, knockin’ on my yoga mat.

    It happened over the weekend at the beginning of a class. I came into tadasana (mountain pose) – standing tall with my hands pressed together at  my heart. And I wobbled a little. Fell to the right. But I caught myself and self-corrected, coming back into balance.

    Bingo! A revelation. I shared it as the intention for my Tuesday night vinyasa flow class.

    We all get out of balance in our lives. We eat too much, drink too much, don’t sleep enough, socialize too much or not enough. But we self-correct. Or we don’t. And if we don’t, then we can get sick, depressed, anxious. We must listen to our lives speak to us, which I believe they do through our bodies.

    This is the stuff of yoga practice. We lose our balance in many of the postures, but we self-correct and bring ourselves back. Or we don’t and we fall out. And then we come right back into the pose. Over and over. Just like we do off the mat. Daily life constantly takes us off balance.

    And it’s perfect. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. We work on finding our balance. Finding what works for you and what doesn’t. In yoga, we learn where to place the weight in our feet or to find a steady drishti (gaze) on the floor in front of us. And in life, we learn how much sleep we need and what foods give us energy.

    Courtesy janshares.hubpages.com

    Courtesy janshares.hubpages.com

    Courtesy janshares.hubpages.com