2014 Pulitzer Prize Winner

The important things

Published: June 13, 2014, 4:15 pm, by interns

The anxiety poured over me as I sat in lecture after lecture hearing the same thing from my professors.

“You’ll never get a good job without an internship.”

The reiteration was too much, each and every faculty member I came into contact with made it very clear I wouldn’t be successful in life if I didn’t get a stellar summer position for my resume.

It’s what they didn’t tell me that has impacted me even more.

They didn’t tell me that I would be working with a staff so welcoming that I actually looked forward to working hard for them every day. I don’t even get called “intern” or “coffee girl,” which is a plus.

They didn’t tell me that the other interns would be people I go on hikes with after work and venture into town for late night ice cream runs.

They didn’t tell me that my roommate would be such an amazing friend to me after only one week of living in the dorms. Also, that she eats her SpaghettiOs cold.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that there’s a whole lot my professors left out.

So yes, the experience I’m getting here at The Gazette has been incredible for my resume, but when I go into my first job interview after college, it might not be all about my editing skills or my visual eye or my video reel. I’ll get to talk about how I lived, not just how I learned.

I’m excited to see how much living I can cram into these next six weeks.

Taylor Coberly-Vincek is an undergraduate at Colorado State University. Follow her on Twitter @taylorjane_c