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Fort Carson engineers get Air Force honor

Published: May 7, 2014, 12:16 pm, by Tom Roeder

carsonSoldiers in Fort Carson’s 52nd Engineer Battalion were honored by the Air Force in April for helping their sister service deal with flooding that caused damage at Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station.
The engineers were called in on Sept. 12 to deal with a mudslide at Cheyenne Mountain that left the main entrance to the underground command post blocked by several feet of rock and debris.
The engineers used bulldozers and other heavy equipment to clear the entrance and rechanneled runoff from one of the largest rainstorms in Colorado history.
For their battle against the elements, 22 of the soldiers were awarded the Air Force Achievement Medal.
“The medals were in recognition for their tireless efforts during the initial response to the Sept. 12, 2013, record rain storm that brought down tons of mud and debris down the mountain, which caused extensive damage to CMAFS and its main entrance portal,” the Air Force said in a news release.