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Mikey Weinstein enraged by evangelical atheists

Published: March 19, 2014, 12:10 pm, by Tom Roeder

PrintIt’s no surprise to get a phone call from a fired-up Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and a frequent flyer when it comes to criticizing the Air Force Academy over religious issues.

But, on Wednesday, Weinstein broke new ground — he’s mad at evangelical atheism in a hallway of the academy’s Fairchild Hall.

“It’s Ask an Atheist Day,” Weinstein said as he built up to the machine-gun delivery deriding commanders including Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson for fostering a climate of religious intolerance.

“What if this was ask a Muslim Day or ask an Evangelical Christan Day?” Weinstein said.

Allowing atheist cadets to set up table in the building to field questions about the non-existence of God violates Air Force regulations and the Constitution, he said.

“They are proselytizing for atheism,” Weinstein said.

The academy couldn’t be reached for questions on the alleged activity.

An academy graduate Weinstein normally takes aim at Christianity at the school, which he claims is promoted by commanders.

Last week, he went to war with academy brass over a Bible verse written on a white board outside a cadet’s dorm room. The cadet took the Scripture down, but the academy refused to set a policy banning similar displays.

Atheists get his ire this week.

“No faith is able to proselytize on the third floor of Fairchild Hall,” he said.