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Local Canadian Forces celebrate the guys with the gear

Published: February 18, 2014, 12:54 pm, by Tom Roeder

noradA small group that keeps local Canadian troops supplied celebrated the February birthday of the Canadian Forces Logistics Branch.

Troops from the North American Aerospace Defense Command gathered at Peterson Air Force Base to mark the 46th anniversary.

“The formation of a single Logistics Branch aimed at supporting all three environments of the Canadian Armed Forces took place in 1968, and included transportation, supply, finance and food services,” the bi-national North American Aerospace Defense Command said in a news release. “The birthday or official date of formation of the Canadian Armed Forces Logistics Branch is recognized on 1 February 1968, the date that the Canadian Armed Forces Reorganization Act was proclaimed.”

Colorado Springs has the largest permanently-deployed contingent of Canadian troops. Almost everything they need, including uniforms and other gear, is supplied by 25 Colorado Springs-based troops from the Logistics Branch.
The one logistics complaint can be found in a handbook for Canadians deploying to Colorado.

“Chips of the Ketchup kind are not available,” the handbook says.