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Air Force Academy boss Johnson joins Twitter

Published: February 10, 2014, 11:39 am, by Tom Roeder

USAFAsealThe Air Force Academy’s top general is now on Twitter.

The general joined the online messaging service in February, tweeting “Glad to be on Twitter, and looking forward to hearing from you!”

In three days, the general sent three tweets and hit 300 followers, putting her just behind the Air Force Academy’s mascot, “The Bird.”

Her Twitter handle isn’t going to be catchy. Online Johnson is @USAFA_SUPT.

But she’s eager.

“Social media is a great tool to share Academy news and help ensure openness and transparency when it comes to Academy issues,” she said in a statement.  “I’m excited to communicate with Academy cadets, fellow Airmen, Academy graduates, and anyone else who is interested in or has concerns about the Air Force’s Academy and having an open dialogue with the public.”