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Pink shoes and purple phones now cool with Mother Blue

Published: January 21, 2014, 11:33 am, by Tom Roeder

funmeterThe Air Force changed uniform regulations Tuesday in a nod to non-conformists everywhere.

The service, which once had strict rules on the color of running shoes worn for physical training and mandated that airmen carry black cellular phones, is now allowing a rainbow of colors for both.

And, in a big step toward fashion consciousness, airmen can now don black socks with their physical training attire.

From an Air Force news release:

“The Air Force physical training uniform no longer has color restrictions for athletic shoes.  Airmen are now also authorized to wear black socks with their athletic shoes.

Cell phones no longer have to be black, as long as they’re not worn on the uniform or attached to a purse. “
The Air Force has also moved toward casual Fridays, by allowing airmen to wear unit shirts and often-humorous “morale patches” once a week.

“Also, authorized is the in-garrison Friday wear of morale patches and nametags that have tasteful nicknames or call signs on flight suits,” the Air Force said in a news release. “Unit commanders have approval authority for morale patches and nametag naming conventions.”

Skinny jeans remain banned as uniform attire.