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Schriever officer under scrutiny in widening drug probe

Published: January 13, 2014, 11:13 am, by Tom Roeder

A Schriever Air Force Base officer is one of tenaflogo under scrutiny in a widening Air Force drug probe.

A spokesman at the Pentagon said the investigation began with two officers at Edwards Air Force Base in California targeted and has since grown to include nine lieutenants and a captain at bases across the U.S. and in England.

The first word of the investigation came last week as Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel visited nuclear facilities in new Mexico and Wyoming. Officials told the Associated Press that two nuclear missile launch officers were tied to the investigation.

The Air Force hasn’t said what drugs led to the case or how the officers involved are intertwined.

“The officers are stationed at Edwards, Malmstrom, Vandenberg, F.E. Warren and Schreiver Air Force Bases, as well as Royal Air Force Lakenheath,” The Air Force said in a statement released Monday. “The case began with the investigation of two officers at Edwards Air Force Base and expanded based on contact with the officers in question regarding recreational drug possession.”

Military leaders have raised warning flags in Colorado over the state’s acceptance of legal recreational marijuana. While civilians in Colorado can use the drug, all military drug use at banned by the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Marijuana possession can bring two years in a military prison while possessing harder drugs including cocaine can bring five years.

The Air Force is keeping mum on details and Schriever Air Force Base referred all questions to the Pentagon.

“Due to the fact these are ongoing investigations, no more information can be released at this time.”