Duffleblog takes on NORAD’s Santa Trackers

Published: December 23, 2013, 11:04 am, by Tom Roeder

NORADSantaTrackerThe world’s strongest aerospace defense organization should be tough enough to take a joke.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command was the target Monday of Duffleblog, a website that’s like the Onion for the Defense Department.

You’ve been warned: The headline alone may make coffee come out of your nose.

“NORAD Spends $231 Billion Tracking Santa Claus”

A NORAD spokeswoman said the blog sent waves of laughter around her office. But then she turned serious, “You understand we don’t actually spend money on tracking Santa. It’s all volunteers.”

NORAD and the earlier Continental Air Defense Command have been following the elf on his travels since the 50s and reporting to children on his progress. You can learn more at noradsanta.org

As the tracking mission has grown, so have the number of volunteers and corporate partners taking part in the fun.

The only Grinch in the system this year was an organization that claimed the command was militarizing the holiday. It was later proven, though, that Santa is in cahoots with the command.