Mil fams: Last-minute deadline for mailing overseas care packages is TODAY!

Published: December 17, 2013, 11:32 am, by Erin Prater

courtesy sxc.huIf you have a service member overseas and haven’t yet mailed his or her care package, it’s time to get your rear in gear.

According to the United State Postal Service’s website, customers’ last hope for unsent packages arriving to overseas-stationed troops by Christmas is Priority Mail Express Military Service.

The mailing deadline for those using the service is TODAY: Dec. 17.

Remember, both the military and each country have guidelines for mail that can be received. You may want to check with your service member’s unit or family readiness group for guidelines.

In some areas of operation, you’ll need to refrain from sending the following materials, according to the USPS website: obscene articles, sexual items, porn, any material depicting semi-nude persons, non-authorized political materials, pork, pork byproducts and bulk quantities of items religious materials contrary to the Islamic faith.

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