Army upgrades video game website

Published: December 4, 2013, 9:46 am, by Tom Roeder

milgaminglogoThe Army announced it has upgraded a website that’s home to its video game training software.

The Army for a decade has worked to integrate video games into its training regimen and is preparing for the 2014 introduction of its most complex gaming software yet.

The games introduce soldiers to warfare concepts electronically, speeding training and saving cash. This doesn’t mean sergeants are becoming top-level World of Warcraft dwarf mages on the government’s dime.

An Army news release outlined one of the games its offering: “UrbanSim is a training application that allows commanders and staffs to practice the art of mission command in complex counterinsurgency and stability operations.”

Other programs can simulate artillery planning, and intelligence gathering in the field.

The site, open to military members with appropriate access cards, has 31,500 registered users, the Army said.